Financial Groove is a full-service financial consulting and bookkeeping firm owned and operated by Jessica Scheitler in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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      Financial Groove delivers the perfect solution
       to make you more efficient, profitable, and successful
       than ever before.


- Income Tax Preparation
- Financial Consulting
- Music Business Management
- Bookkeeping



     Financial Groove bridges the gap between creativity and business, working to make entrepreneurs, small businesses, and the self-employed in the arts and entertainment industries financially successful. We organize, create and facilitate the best bookkeeping, tax services, and systems for our clients. Financial Groove exists to advance the arts. We focus our expertise on giving artists a solid business foundation, so they can freely work on their craft and advance their careers with confidence that their financial and tax situation is being managed properly. Financial Groove is dedicated to providing individual attention tailored to our client's specific financial needs to make their business more efficient and educate them on the utilization of good systems and financial records.

   Spend your time doing what you do best, while we help you identify opportunities with greater understanding of your financial records. Our first priority is to make your business more efficient, which will make you more profitable. Good financial records will give you more control over your business, as you see the trends and the progress in your activities. We will evaluate your needs and customize a financial package where you can feel safe and secure knowing your financial information is in experienced, reliable, and trustworthy hands.

   Financial Groove provides you with the tools, services, and coaching to take control of your potential, inspire, and achieve success in your business. 


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