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Her motivation to ensure her clients success is unwavering.
- Mary Ann Pareti
Bookkeeping Service

Financial Groove changed the way I saw my business which doubled my income! -Jen Vidad
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Financial Groove offers income tax preparation aimed at your unique needs that goes above and beyond to maximize your refund. Our trained and experienced tax preparers take the time to diligently work with your specific circumstances to find all the possible tax advantages for you. We give each individual personal attention and value customer service, addressing all of your tax questions and any concerns along the way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Financial Groove prepares individual and business income tax returns tailored to address the needs of your profession. Our attention to detail and commitment to accuracy are beneficial to any tax situation. We also specialize in tax returns for self employed individuals and small/micro business owners with an understanding of your tax situation to accurately find all the credits and deductions you deserve. Our specialized experience also extends to individuals in music, entertainment, and the arts who often have income from several freelance jobs and unique deductions not found in other industries.

Financial groove offers e-filing, in which your return is filed directly to the IRS and your state's Department of Revenue.

Tax planning is an important aspect of having the best possible tax return during tax season. This gives you a snapshot of your current financial situation starting with your income and expenses. From there, Financial Groove looks at your goals and makes recommendations on whether you should invest in a retirement account, spend more on your business, adjust your withholding, and exactly what moves to make to effectively minimize your taxes.

October is a great time to develop your plan. We look at the first 9 months of financial activity, which gives us the optimal timing to:

  • Maximize your write offs
  • Strategically budget your last 3 months of the year while you can still adjust

This is an opportunity to change your tax situation before the year ends, and you are limited to what credits and deductions you can claim.

We will prepare your records now to minimize your taxes.

  • Take advantage of every write-off
  • Get a thorough review of all your 2016 documents
  • Make sure you have paid the correct estimated taxes and liabilities
  • Get advice to spend and invest strategically before the year ends

You will know exactly where you stand and the moves to make.

Financial Groove recognizes that you can benefit personally as well from organized finances. Many people find themselves too busy to take care of personal bills and finances. You may have your small business and personal finances linked. You may be a frequent traveler. You may need help getting on a budget and sticking to it or rebuilding your credit. Financial Groove is the solution for you. Everyone can benefit from better control of their finances.

  • Bill Pay
  • Mail Receiving Service
  • Balance your Checkbook
  • Reconcile your Credit Cards
  • Budgeting and Planning Assistance
  • Organize Papers and Investments
  • Year End Tax Preparation
  • Individual and Joint Tax Returns

Get started on your taxes!

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